Always in stock

Accurate inventory on demand.

Client Objective

The power of prediction. A high-performance athletic shoe and apparel retailer wanted to develop a single source of truth to accurately surface current and forecasted inventory and customer demand.

Unique Challenge

Reactive and risky. Lacking a central data platform, data were entered into Excel manually, stitched together from disparate sources, and shared via email. This cobbling together made data-driven planning and reporting error-prone, delayed, inaccurate, and costly. Because of that, their supply chain team was reduced to reactive rather than strategic planning. Retail stores were flush with unwanted products, while in-demand inventory was unavailable.

Bespoke  Solution

One-stop data shop. Unify partnered with the retailer to prioritize the top three essential areas within the supply chain space to improve demand planning and inventory management. Alongside the retailer, Unify co-created a platform that streamlined demand forecasting  and projected inventory data, creating consistent definitions, data structures, and storage locations for company-wide applications and self-service analytics. To help them scale, Unify delivered a centralized, single source of truth for global demand, recommendations on which purchase orders should arrive earlier to meet needs on-demand, and improved data accuracy, which applied sophisticated transformations and analytics to projection calculations.

Proven Impact

Saving money. Seeing what’s coming. Equipped with a tailored technical solution that solved for discrepancies while improving accuracy, the retailer saved more than $40K per year in labor costs alone. They also streamlined their global supply chain operations and expense management. Best of all, they were able to deliver enhanced experiences for both consumers and retail partners.


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