Unify is always seeking like-minded consultants who want to choose their own adventure and bring versatility, willingness, capability, collaboration, and fun to their work. Here are a sampling of our roles by service line.



Business Agility

Organizational Effectiveness

Our consultants are experts in organizational strategy and design, change enablement, end-user learning, and leadership development.

Program Management

Experts in analysis and planning, project forecasting, budgeting, and risk management, we are superior enablers of teams through our effective motivation and accountability methods.

Business Analysis

With deep experience in agile methodology, our consultants communicate a clear vision to engineering by writing user stories, building requirements, representing the customer, and defining products and features.


Our consultants develop visual identity, enhance branding, foster engagement through periods of change, and use data and visualization to tell stories and promote action.

Data-Driven Insights

Data Management

Our consultants plan big data architecture, identify systems and tools, develop data models, and store, integrate, prepare, and extract data.

Data Visualization

Our consultants analyze data and partner with business leaders to integrate insights into functional processes and decision-making.

Data Science

Our data scientists are equipped with a breadth of skills across predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data engineering.

Customer Experience

Product Management

Our consultants analyze customers and markets, develop product strategy, produce product roadmaps, identify features and functionality, and communicate cohesive visions to enable products that increase customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Customer Research

Our consultants gather data from multiple sources, including surveys, focus groups, interviews, social, and product and web behavioral data, to provide a holistic behavioral and attitudinal view of the customer experience.


Our consultants design marketing strategy, transform operations, develop automation, and create communications.

Design Studio

Our consultants research user needs, establish a vision for user experiences, and design interfaces that are engaging, explanatory, and easily absorbed.