When go-to-market goes modern

Savvy marketing powers revenue and morale.

Client Objective

Shoot for the stars. A VP of Product Marketing at a large technology company wanted to modernize their product strategy—from selling legacy hardware to selling versatile SaaS and subscription-based solutions—because they knew it could deliver astronomical value quickly and impress shareholders. 

Unique Challenge

In a disconnected galaxy far, far away. The VP’s Product Marketing Managers lacked the software skills to harness the power of SaaS marketing to their advantage. Their teams were siloed by product and their disconnect caused inconsistent launch activities and less-than-stellar outcomes. Besides wasting time, their morale was dropping, too.  

Bespoke Solution

May the metrics be with you. Unify’s product marketing experts deployed a bold go-to-market governance structure and product launch framework. They trained the managers to leverage new marketing metrics and scorecards. Soon they were fired up to influence decisions and blaze a better path in marketing, sales, and engineering. 

Proven Impact

Galactic ROI. The VP and team watched how their consistent product introductions and campaigns yielded skyrocketing revenue—with an estimated ROI of 50X+ over a short three-year timeframe! Shareholder confidence improved and share price increased. With morale no longer on the dark side, the marketing team’s new digital and data-driven structure brought a powerful force of greater accountability and increased employee retention.  


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