Mission Possible

An onboarding countdown with T-minus 2 months.

Client Objective

Preparing for lift-off:  A director of product marketing at a Fortune 500 tech company needed his hundreds of sales partners onboarded and ready to implement a customer lifecycle management tool with their 500,000 customers.  

Unique Challenge

Running on fumes.The deadline for the public preview phase was looming, yet his laundry list of requirements kept expanding—everything from a landing page and tutorial videos to customer testimonials and written content. He lacked the creative people power to tackle the workload and deliver a dynamic launch experience. And the window was closing in less than two months. 

Bespoke Solution

Propelling toward awesome. Unify’s marketing consultants were just the crew to deliver the advanced onboarding experience light years ahead of where it started. They created a series of walkthrough videos to highlight everything a newly onboarded sales partner would need, including a custom landing page with engaging content and valuable resources, so the partners could self-serve at their convenience.  

Proven Impact  

Mission accomplished. The site went live in plenty of time for launch and the company successfully onboarded the 300+ partners to the public preview experience. Now they were equipped to serve their 500,000 customers worldwide. What’s orbiting next? The project was such a success that more sales partners are onboarded every day and the tool remains on track for its global launch.


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