A sweet recipe for targeting customers

Juicy insights for expanding a user base.

Client Objective

Thirsty for more customers. The marketing team of a successful national app wanted to squeeze more customer insight from their data. They knew if they understood their customers better, they could inform marketing campaigns and increase adoption of their new branded financial product. 

Unique Challenge

When life gives you lemons. The marketing team lacked a holistic view, which soured their ability to figure out what was drawing its large and varied user base to the app. With limited historical data available, millions of new records incoming daily, and the team’s lack of expertise for data-driven segmentation, the data set was too complex. On top of that, to equip marketing and product stakeholders so they understood the analysis and could implement changes, the team also needed business leaders onboard. It was too much to gulp down at once.  

Bespoke Solution

Make lemonade. Unify’s data science consultants created a robust, consolidated dataset—the customer analytic record—that enabled a thorough understanding of the app’s customers. They created a machine learning-driven propensity model to accurately predict which users to target with marketing for a new financial and loyalty product. Now the client team could invest their energy where they’d get the most ROI. After a successful test, the team applied it to even more marketing initiatives. With those results in hand, the team approached the business leaders and shared the story of the model’s impact and potential.​ The executives drank it all up.  

Proven Impact

Refreshing results. With their new understanding of customer behaviors and demographics, the marketing team quickly upgraded their strategies based on reality. Within the first year, they doubled their customer base. They celebrated the massive success of customer love for their new financial product and their own love for the sweet mix of data science, marketing, and happy executives, too! 


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