Sprinting through Snowflakes

Harnessing data to save a retail ecosystem

Client Objective 

Ensure a healthy retailer ecosystem to get product onto the feet of consumers. A CFO was responsible for the financial health of a global shoe brand. He asked for the ability to predict the health of his customers’ businesses—the retailers selling his shoes out of their specialty “mom-and-pop shops” to avid runners.  

Unique Challenge 

Can’t help what you can’t see. After 10 years of asking and getting no good answers, the pandemic hit, and in-person retail came to a screeching halt. Runners could no longer shop at their favorite specialty shops and sales were dwindling. The CFO and his team audaciously planned to extend credit to their retailers to buoy them, but how could they determine which shops would need the help?  Now he *needed* an answer to his 10-year-old question… 

Bespoke Solution 

Uncovering ten years in two days. The CFO contacted the Unify Data & Analytics team, which had just launched the shiny new Snowflake-based data warehouse—and asked them to do the detective work to solve his 10-year struggle. Within 48 hours, the Unify team put a prototype on the CFO’s desk that could highlight the key metrics he needed to identify exactly where to spend the resources. And then they delivered the real thing. 

Proven Impact 

Saving mom and pop saves everyone. The CFO was now able to piece together all the historic and financial data needed to extend credit to the right retailers as fast as possible. From there the multiplying magic kicked in. Today, the mom-and-pop shops the company relies on are still standing, runners are still running, and the CFO’s revenues are at an all-time high. 


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