Finding focus

Data moves a brand forward.

Client Objective

Transparency meets certainty. A new executive leader of a global retail food and beverage company had a vision to reinvent a pivotal management team in charge of both operational and brand excellence for its 10,000 stores.

Unique Challenge

Lost in a vast and varied world. To do this, she needed ultimate clarity. But this dual role is held by more than 100 managers, which has led to inconsistency. Burnout was also on the rise, and operational excellence was mixed at best. How could such a large team achieve alignment and reinvent this critical role? How could they drive a clear vision when the expectations and performance of the team varied so widely?

Bespoke Solution

Panoramic insight. In less than 90 days, Unify collected feedback and analyzed data from more than 80% of stakeholders from all levels, from VPs to Administrators. The Unifiers then applied a unique combination of capabilities to convert the results into recommendations. They generated internal market research grounded in a statistically sound methodology. They paired those insights with best-in-class change management and communications methods. Using this data-backed process, the consultants provided the client with a laser-focused understanding of the core issues and their underlying causes.

Proven Impact

All eyes on engagement. Now the client has data-driven clarity in hand with precise optics and aligned understanding across the 100 managers. She is poised to create an industry-leading team to improve business outcomes, drive operational efficiencies, and increase employee satisfaction. Now that’s a good view!


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