Data at light speed

The Data Hub

Client Objective

Evolve to meet demand. A large healthcare plan determined their enterprise needed to rapidly modernize to better serve customers and meet regulatory demands.

Unique Challenge

The world was moving too fast. The teams were hurting from the lack of flexibility and skillsets to implement modern tech. Data duplication, inconsistency and slow retrieval speeds caused problems. Security and compliance demands kept increasing risk. All this was happening while member expectations expanded.

Bespoke Solution

A hybrid, multi-cloud solve. After preforming analysis and designing a strategy with a 10-year ROI forecast,  Unify implemented a near real-time, event-driven, message-based streaming platform leveraging five different tools. We enhanced data security and governance controls while creating a container-based solution with a hybrid, multi-cloud solution (Azure, AWS, On-Premise).

Proven Impact

Transformed client capabilities across the board.

  • Increased member satisfaction from real-time service.
  • Faster claims management for providers.
  • Improved understanding and time to market with a new enterprise data model.
  • More efficient operations with real-time data, reduced tech debt, and increased automation.
  • Better regulatory compliance and reduced security risk.


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