Keeping heads above water

Stopping a multi-million-dollar leak

Client Objective 

Finding the leak. A national retailer was forced to migrate from on-prem datacenters to the Cloud (Azure) in less than 90 days. In their rush, they reproduced their exact on-prem implementation in the cloud, causing them to lose more than $160,000 a month and lack security controls. They needed to stop that leak as fast as possible.   

Unique Challenge 

Old pipes are dangerous. The leak was due to a lack of proper security. The retailer was out of their depth and started to drown in the high cost of reproducing physical architecture in the Cloud. Those gaps needed to be identified and remediated, while quickly reducing costs. There was no time to waste and not enough expertise in-house. 

Bespoke Solution 

An upgrade to better plumbing. Unify cloud security consultants waded through the security findings and cloud expenses to see what was out of line. With that intel, they rapidly developed a comprehensive remediation roadmap addressing security while decreasing costs. Unify then hosted a service modernization seminar so the retailer’s team was equipped with essential knowledge to protect themselves moving forward. 

Proven Impact 

More than $2 million saved. By closing hundreds of vulnerabilities within 12 weeks, the retailer’s assets were protected. And within 5 weeks of the seminar, the retailer reduced cloud costs by $500,000 a year. Best of all, they are “waterproof,” safe and secure for whatever else might spring up. 

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