Less is more


In a world where information on just about any topic is at your fingertips, that abundance of intel can be helpful yet also overwhelming. The challenge is to prioritize information, so it works for you and you spend more time learning and less time sifting.

In this week’s Investor’s Business Daily Leaders & Success column, our very own founder & CEO, Darren Alger shares sage advice from 25+ years in the consulting industry and emphasizes the concept of less is more.

To lead through competing demands and distractions, you must prioritize the types of information you take in. “Do less, yet do it better,” says Darren Alger, CEO of Unify Consulting.

Alger recommends that leaders first understand what kinds of information will “improve your life and business.” The second step is to commit your time and money, so you have the right information to make yourself and your teams successful.

Alger reassures leaders, “If you and your team can be known for staunch prioritization, and you never underestimate challenges, you will create a high-performance brand.”