Transforming teams using agile methods

Gaining skills with hands-on learning.

Unique Challenge

A large wireless carrier was implementing a next generation version of its customer-facing website and had an opportunity to adopt Agile and lean practices to improve delivery and quality to their customers. Prior to Unify Consulting’s engagement, the company attempted to deploy basic Agile fundamentals such as scrum teams, stand ups, and sprints. Unfortunately, the results of these in-house process improvements failed to meet the expected quality, time to market, or the anticipated employee satisfaction. Feature deployment times were three to four months long and the number of defects far exceeded the quality measure desired. Customer engagement on the site was difficult to improve because product experiences were not adapting fast enough to meet customer needs.

Bespoke Solution 

Unify recognized opportunities for the client’s digital product management and technology teams to increase their skills in Agile and lean methods to address these unmet productivity and quality improvements. Unify conducted Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) training sessions. The advanced training sessions included cross domain planning, lean process improvement, and value management. The training was followed by hands-on coaching and identification of opportunities for process improvement. Coaching emphasized enablement for the teams to employ Agile and lean principles.

Proven Impact 

The teams gained skills in identifying the root causes of their quality and time to market issues. Leadership recognized how team structure impacted these metrics. Product and technology teams enhanced cross-functional planning, which minimized defects related to design. The teams incorporated prioritization and management techniques that improved delivery times for the more impactful product features.