Going Big

Scaling an ambitious approach for a complex issue.

Client Objective

A national response to a regional issue. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) introduced new consumer privacy rights requiring companies with business operations in California to implement changes or face fines. A national telecomm giant chose to go big and equip all their U.S. operations at once to be ready for this and any other high-stakes policies coming their way.

Unique Challenge

The enterprise launch with a finite deadline. The initiative would now swell to training thousands of employees with only months to spare. Other challenges included a rapid timeline, a workforce with different uses for, experience with, or knowledge of CCPA​. And they’d have to complete the hefty training requirements on top of ongoing work.

Bespoke Solution

Collaboration-fueled delivery. Unify partnered with the client’s Product & Technology, Legal, PMO and executive leadership teams to develop an ADKAR-based change management strategy and communications campaign. They prioritized building awareness for CCPA and completed role-based training especially focused on retail and customer care.

Proven Impact

Easy as 1-2-3 months. Within 90 days of applying the change management strategy:

  • A whopping 55,000 employees completed the role-based training (95% team completion rate on average).
  • They now leverage their internal, bespoke site boasting 1,300+ unique visitors and counting.
  • Whatever new policies come, leaders are equipped to scale awareness and operations on the tightest timelines repeating their success.


As regulators mount more privacy and security requirements on our clients, we’re answering the call by unifying modern security practices with smart change management.  Let’s unify your process and training. Learn more about our Organizational Effectiveness and Security, Privacy and Compliance Practices today.