Snowflakes at scale

Migrating through the storm of legacy data systems

Client Objective

Big data. Bigger ambitions. A VP at an international mass media and entertainment giant wanted to take customer knowledge to new heights and amplify marketing efforts. They dreamed about going big with a scalable, cloud-based solution that could handle their enormous data streams and high volume of global customers.  

Unique Challenge

Cold data and no new tricks. The VP’s marketing team was bogged down with a legacy data warehouse that was cumbersome and costly. Maintaining the old system took too much time and money. On top of that, the outdated technologies and processes couldn’t scale to meet their marketing demands anyway, so they were left with dismal data and poor customer insight. The team felt like there was no way to dig out of it.   

Bespoke Solution

Let it snow. Unify consultants strapped up their gear, and after interviewing the client team, saw the way to dig out of the accumulation. The answer was to stop looking down and look up, creating a new cloud solution tailored to the client team’s exact needs. The Unifiers knew tackling Big Data Management with a Snowflake-based data warehouse would deliver an avalanche of insight. Together, they devised a migration action plan that ensured customer experiences would run as smoothly as a sled on a snow day. 

Proven Impact

Clear skies on the horizon. The VP’s team migrated from the old legacy database system to the new streamlined cloud-based platform friction-free. Since then, maintenance costs have decreased while speed and efficiency have increased. Data queries went from 45-75 minutes down to only 5 minutes! Now equipped with advanced analytics, the marketing team uses its deep customer insight to create a flurry of targeted marketing efforts and scales them knowing the sky’s the limit.   


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