From sand dunes to stairs

A fine-tuned, manageable cloud security solution

Client Objective 

Prioritizing thousands of emergencies. A fintech firm needed to address 48,000 cloud security tickets that included compromised retail systems, a remote server takeover, and a potential compliance loss. The organization needed to prioritize and fix all issues, while also preventing future backlogs.

Unique Challenge 

Overwhelmed and uncoordinated. The massive ticket backlog was frightening and difficult to prioritize. On top of that, and coordinating and remediating with more than 10 teams working on the same ticket without coordination felt like scrambling up a steep sand dune.

Bespoke Solution 

Find the source and make the funnel. Unify consultants stepped in and:

  • Identified common failure modes through enhanced metadata, ticket analysis, and interviews.
  • Created a library of false positive patterns to remove unnecessary tickets.
  • Developed improved processes and mentored engineers in those processes.

Proven Impact 

An efficient way to manage everything. Within four months, Unify was able to help resolve 100% of top-priority (P0 and P1) tickets. Then new ticketing processes and templates were put in place. Once the customer’s cloud was secured, mentoring the security engineers created a process to efficiently manage security moving forward.


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