Foundations that fortify

Prioritizing privacy in double-time.

Client objective

Protecting everyone all at once. A Privacy Leader of a global tech network was hit with a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) order and record-breaking historical fines for failing to keep users’ data secure. He needed to restructure its approach to privacy from the top down to regain users’ trust and retain their userbase.

Unique Challenge

Too many fires and not enough time. While urgent, there wasn’t enough time or team members to implement the 700+ safeguards needed to meet the requirements of the FTC order while also improving maturity and standardization along the way. To compound the pressure, the network needed to upgrade internal data tools. It was too much all at once and yet the FTC deadline loomed.

Bespoke Solution

Doing double duty to make up time. Unify’s privacy consultants developed and deployed a playbook to enable the client team with a consistent, repeatable, and scalable methodology for safeguard creation. On top of that, Unify’s 500 operational and executive level dashboards equipped the client team with real-time monitoring of 1,400+ KPIs internally and an easy demonstration of compliance externally.

Proven Impact

Meeting immediate needs and creating best practices. Now equipped with an effective automated monitoring solution and foundational knowledge to mature it via 75+ safeguard published trainings, the network could demonstrate its commitment to privacy compliance to the FTC and keep its doors open for business. Billions of users were now confident their data on the network was secure, and the network was empowered with mechanisms to meet third party assessor and FTC commitments on time, avoid future audits and unwieldy fines.


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