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The Comms Hub

Client Objective

A single space for everyone to find anything.  A Global Data Center (GDC) team wanted to elevate their communications to provide greater transparency and alignment, better cross-team communication, an improved employee experience, and a strong team culture and brand.

Unique Challenge

Yet, there was no center. GDC’s current site didn’t provide the capabilities or the strong user experience they were aiming for. This gap slowed them down and hindered collaboration. They struggled with

  • Inefficiency and lack of visibility amongst teams due to disparate resources and processes.
  • No ongoing mechanism for sharing essential information and rallying teams.
  • Limited understanding of the GDC strategy, culture, value prop, and how to collaborate.

Bespoke Solution

One hub at the heart.  Unify co-created a one-stop-shop for their users to access essential  information and tools to act in their job as well as engage with personal stories from their GDC team members.

Proven Impact

Within 6 months, the team had:

  • Increased usability by 103% as measured by the efficiency gains from users in accessing key info before vs. after redesign.
  • Large-scale transparency and alignment by centralizing metrics, status, roadmaps, etc.
  • A consistent mechanism to share compelling messages and stories for connection.
  • A strong team brand that showed its value and equipped others to collaborate better.

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