Philanthropy and Community Service at Unify

We Unify for Good as Unifiers and as Unify.

As Unifiers: We advocate for nonprofits our people love

Unify supports our Unifiers’ passions with individual matches, spotlighting their favorite nonprofits, and rallying each other to give and volunteer. Each year, Unifiers support an average of 100 nonprofit organizations that speak to their hearts and values with causes for social justice, children, women, tech, animals, sustainability, the arts, and more.

As Unify: We sponsor nonprofits aligned to our community priorities

For large-scale sponsorships Unify makes as a firm, our giving position is that the nonprofit’s work must align to one of three areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), DEIB/Social Justice or Sustainability. Then we make sure the sponsorship aligns to our localized business strategies.

Recent sponsorships