Sustainability every day. 

Unify is committed to a sustainable, inclusive future because protecting the environment protects the next generation.


Let’s unify

a better tomorrow. 

At Unify, we:

Are conscious consultants.

We provide Energy Audit Reports to our clients that calculate our Greenhouse Gas Emissions and what we do to reduce them.

Get our green thumbs dirty.

We show up ready to serve our communities. For example, this year, Unifiers in Seattle volunteered at the Arboretum, removing invasive plant species and in Bay Area are partnering with Pacific Beach Coalition at their Rockaway Beach Clean-up.

Love sustainable SWAG.

We’re always looking for ways to live our values, even for something like SWAG. We’re committed to sourcing items from sustainability-minded vendors whose products are made with recycled materials and low-emissions processes. Many of our SWAG can replace disposable products with items built to last.

Our Unifier-first work policy helps:

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Decrease Consumption of Fossil Fuels

Increase Air Quality

Reduce Consumption of Office Supplies

Lower Power Consumption

Stimulation of Local Economy

BAY AREA: Pacific Beach Coalition

Let’s clean up Rockaway Beach.

SEATTLE: Arboretum Foundation

Let’s restore and revitalize plant collections.