Employee Resource Groups


Employees are the heart of an organization. Their experiences, skills, perspectives and relationships shape company culture and services every day. That’s why Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are powerful. ERGs are employee-led groups that create a sense of belonging for colleagues to share ideas, connect, accomplish business goals, and solve problems.

Career building.

By creating their own group they provide each other with an inclusive and more psychologically safe environment to learn and advance their careers. ERGs are a deliberate yet organic method for improving the workplace from the center.

Diversity, equity and inclusion.

Now that conversations around diversity and equity are at the forefront, ERGs are one of the viable means to provide a space where unique identities and perspectives are welcome, and the voices of systemically marginalized voices can be expressed and received by open minds.


ERGs increase employee engagement, and raise awareness around representative leadership, mentorship and career development. They help remote employees feel more connected and offer allyship for the processing and overcoming of difficult events.


As Unify’s continues to make progress along its diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging journey, we’ve launched and/or expanded our LGBTQIA+, Women and Black/African-American ERGs. And, this June, we’ve proudly celebrated allyship, Juneteenth and Pride!