Civic Engagement: Vote


As a national firm with a next-door-neighbor feel, we love to see Unifiers think globally and act locally. One of the best ways to do this is to vote. Below, Cat Cuevas, Unify’s Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), shares six actions organizations can take support civic engagement by voting:

1 \ Provide time to vote. Flexible work is becoming more and more of a necessity for corporations that can offer it. There are many reasons this benefits employees, including making sure they have time to vote.

2 \ Share voting tools. Help employees register, learn about upcoming elections, locate a polling place, etc.

3 \ Build in reminders to vote. Add prompts to your onboarding, orientation, team meetings, change-of-address process, or simply add it to your signature line. Include reminders to internal emails, websites, social media, apps, etc.

4 \ Partner with and donate to nonpartisan organizations.  These efforts can increase voter registration, engagement and turnout in your local communities.

5 \ Join state and local chambers of commerce. Learn about community needs in your area. Deepen your understanding about how your company is in relationship to your community.

6 \ Volunteer to help each other vote. Offer childcare, a ride, to help locate a poll, etc. Don’t schedule important deliverables or required meetings on voting day.

Voting is good for individuals, communities, democracy and businesses.