CIOs need trusted partners

“We enlisted [Unify’s] help… [they’ve] been there every step of the way.”


Unify Consulting’s vision is to unify daring leaders to better the world now—and no one needs to be more daring in the high-pressure, real-time world than Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

CIOs don’t have the luxury of sitting on the fence when it’s time to harness data and architecture, so they often need the right partners at their side.

“We had a very specific need around data, [Unify] had strength and success stories,” said Chris Lindner, Chief Information Officer at Apptio and a member of the InspireCIO Leadership Network.

Apptio engaged Unify to consult on high-stakes projects with data and business intelligence. Watch Chris Lindner share his CIO story.

Lindner reassures his CIO peers saying, “CIOs protect our investible capital and need to be sure that we’re getting the value out of it that we need to get” and because of Unify’s relationship with the CIOs in the Seattle marketplace, “it was an easier decision for me to let Unify come in and help us solve a fairly big problem.”

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