Inclusive culture through allyship

During Juneteenth and Pride Month, we reflect on allyship. We see allyship as the lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability. Allyship takes many forms. Sometimes it’s interrupting microaggressions, listening to someone after a grueling day, or following the leadership of people typically sidelined. Other times it’s bolder, like challenging power and privilege in real time, or showing gratitude for hard-to-hear constructive criticism. The purpose of allyship is to challenge systems of oppression and create a world where we can each belong.

Practicing allyship means being accountable to those who have been marginalized. Every day is an opportunity to co-create an inclusive culture through allyship. What does that look like? Sound like? How can we show push ourselves to:

  • Speak up so anti-racism is part of the discussion.
  • Vocalize the damage and missed opportunities from sexism.
  • Educate ourselves about prejudice.
  • Identify ageism while it happens and interrupt it.
  • Adjust group dynamics and language to include people with disabilities.
  • Listen carefully to  understand the needs of LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues.

Everyone is on their unique allyship journey, yet all of us can co-create a world where we all belong. Bold leaders wanted—let’s Unify!