Safe, Sound, and Scalable

Meeting federal security requirements at top speed.


Client Objective 

Strong is safe. A CISO’s team needed to demonstrate the strength of their security program for its billions of users and 200k B2B customers. They had to position themselves to scale the program indefinitely, even as federal requirements changed in the future.    

Unique Challenge 

Too many demands, too little time. After rapidly expanding from 1,500 employees to more than 6,000, his security program was forced to grow at lightning speed and leaders could barely keep their heads above water. Then the CISO was hit with a terrifying federal deadline with a short four-month turnaround and went into a state of emergency. The CISO called for a Unify business director to assess his state. She could tell right away he needed more than a quick fix—he needed the right people on board, structure to manage his information correctly, and a plan to scale, so he’d stay successful even after the deadline.  And the clock was already ticking. 

Bespoke Solution 

Building for the big league. The Unify director brought her cross-functional team aboard to architect and build everything—the operating structure, process, standards, templates, and operating governance—simultaneously. To do it, the Unifiers swiftly engaged stakeholders, onboarded new compliance team members, and facilitated a rapid decision-making model to ensure timely delivery. Once the consultants delivered, they transferred their knowledge to the CISO’s team, so they could remain stable and keep scaling on their own.  

Proven Impact 

Proactive and protected. The CISO met his deadline with all documentation complete, his stakeholders pleased, and results beyond his expectations, including Feds complimenting the work! He now had 14 security standards and 100+ scalable controls to rely on. The new head of compliance was lauded for her ability to step in and deliver and was asked to speak formally on the subject. Best of all, the security team is forever set up to scale proactively no matter the waves that come their way.   


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