Revving up with faster testing

From manual to top automation velocity.

Client Objective

A need for speed. And accuracy. The Quality Engineering (QE) team at a global technology company wanted to safeguard against future risks and adequately protect themselves against errors. The team dreamt of a streamlined testing process that could accelerate work for larger-scale projects.

Unique Challenge

Caution: Bumpy roads ahead. Currently, the team’s manual process was cumbersome utilizing spreadsheets, manually navigating various environments, and meticulously conducting tests. They knew they needed a new solution and quickly when a configuration change threatened to expose sensitive vendor information before it was caught. But the diverse user base, coupled with rapid deployments occurring up to four times a month, necessitated a robust solution capable of handling this complex landscape.

Bespoke Solution

​​Enjoying the sweet ride of efficiency. Unify Consulting had a trusted 6-year history with the client so when the challenge arose, the client knew just who to call. The Unifiers proposed integrating a test automation solution to improve DevOps quality. They knew that the test automation solution they implemented had to be comprehensive, quick, and able to keep up with an ever-evolving platform. They also knew that Provar automation was up to the challenge.

Proven Impact

Reusability, reliability, and accuracy. And that’s no error. The new Provar automation implementation was achieved in just three months. The automation solution was seamlessly integrated into the testing workflow and the client saw a 55% reduction in time compared to their manual testing. Test coverage during releases increased from 20% to 70%. And tests became 9 times faster to execute. Now the company is cruising smoothly and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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