Restoring more than power

Data management connects to new safety.

Client Objective

Crossed wires. A large utility company, bearing a degree of responsibility for catastrophic wildfires in 2019, faced judicial orders and regulatory mandates. Yet the leaders were optimists. They knew that with improved, trusted data and motivated data stewards, the organization could mitigate environmental risks, improve safety, and restore public faith in its services.

Unique Challenge

Overwhelming data outage. While the company wanted to use data to improve safety and decrease risk, they had no data management strategy in place. There were no published data policies and standards to guide the enterprise or training for employees to understand the organization’s data. On top of that, employees were already at capacity with their existing work and lacked the bandwidth or expertise to create, implement, and manage their enterprise data. The whole company would have to start from scratch.

Bespoke Solution

Sparking stewardship. They needed a partner and Unify’s data consultants stepped in and stepped up. They established wholesale data management for the company–everything from the strategy to technology platforms. With formal roles and responsibilities defined, as well as Unify-led training and demonstrations, a powerful data stewardship community was born.

Proven Impact

A light at the end. With an official Enterprise Data Management foundation and employees empowered as data stewards, the company was now able to proactively inspect its aging assets and take action to fortify their whole system. Customer safety went up while the risk of lawsuits and millions of dollars of regulatory fines went down. Now that’s something to get energized about.

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