Pharmaceutical marketing program management

Solving a complex marketing puzzle.

Unique Challenge

A program review group within a large biotechnology company had a goal of being a more strategic thought partner to marketing teams in order to reduce spend and risk. The FDA imposes strict advertising guidelines on drug manufacturers, and cross-functional communication is critical to maintaining compliance. The program review group recognized they needed to be more proactive with marketing in order to communicate and share the latest guidance. As part of this initiative, the organization was moving to a new global content management system in order to have a central repository for marketing materials and compliance reviews. They needed experienced program managers to help them meet their goals, reduce marketing spend, and ensure regulatory compliance.   

Bespoke Approach

Unify program-managed the promotional review process for marketing materials across five brands. The team worked with cross-functional stakeholders and devised operational plans with the marketing team. Unify led training and created a print management process guide for promotional collateral that included a 30-day change management challenge to onboard marketing operations managers to new job responsibilities. Additionally, Unify managed the data migration to a new content management system for over 2,000 users and facilitated change management for various stakeholder groups to transition to the new system

Proven Impact

Unify became a valued marketing operations partner, leading key brands through several label updates and product launches. The program review group was able to communicate and plan better with marketing, ensuring more proactive planning and moving towards the goal of reducing agency spend. The data migration allowed the company to manage, locate, and reuse materials in their new cloud-based system more efficiently, leading to cost savings across the organization.