In line with the law

Protecting employee privacy at a Fortune 100

Client Objective

Roadmap for mandates. A data governance lead of a Fortune 100 global retailer needed a program to pass the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), a new law mandating protection of employee privacy. As a first step, they needed help uncovering gaps and creating an actionable roadmap for compliance.

Unique Challenge

Pits in the path. Even though leaders knew there were blindspots, no one had a real-world map of how much employee behaviors differed from documented business processes,  which made compliance harder to attain. And it was urgent; they only had six months to get it done.

Bespoke Solution

Guiding the way. Within six months, Unify consultants interviewed client teams to map their real-world practices and then created a comprehensive employee privacy analysis with an 18-month roadmap for:

  • Consistent information handling and storage for audit readiness
  • CPRA-compliant data retention/deletion policies
  • Data governance programming for CPRA compliance

Proven Impact

A clear way forward. The client leveraged the evidence in the report to secure increased funding for remediation and to debut a data privacy office. Now enterprise privacy efforts can stay a step ahead of new laws.

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