Going beyond surface-level insight

Data viz reveals new depths for storytelling.  

Client Objective

A goal with great depth. The Data Science Services team at a global foundation wanted to use data for the greater good—literally. They knew if they harnessed data and situational intel, they could support an equitable global vaccine rollout to respond to the pandemic and improve the world. It was a sea of opportunity.  

Unique Challenge

Drowning in hard-to-gather information. Delivering a consolidated view across the foundation took too much time and effort. Multiple teams were focused on different components of a successful rollout, and each one was constantly chasing data into the abyss. They formed a group to create data-rich narrative reports to showcase their social impact, but they were adrift, repeating mundane tasks (often manually updating datasets), and not making progress.  

Bespoke Solution

Diving deep into data. Unify’s Data Analysis and Visualization team partnered with the foundation’s Data Science Services team to create a solution that balanced speed with easy data retrieval and smart synthesis. The Unifiers filled the team’s information tanks with rapid data analysis, insights generation, and a highly interactive suite of Power BI reports and models. These capabilities allowed the team to self-serve and explore their own questions in the open water of new data.  

Proven Impact

Kicking with new speed. The team was set up to swim from data to media-friendly storytelling in minutes. The time from receiving data to sharing downstream was reduced from several days to just several hours! Automating data collection reduced the team’s report production time from 40+ hours to less than 6. Finally, the team could breathe easy and create a current of news about their bold initiatives. 

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