From checkbox to change

Raising the bar for traditional compliance training.

Client Objective

Equity, accountability, and fairness. The Seattle Department of Human Resources and HR Investigations Unit are committed to providing effective anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to all its employees. The City wanted to set a new standard that centered on where most other compliance trainings failed—systemically marginalized populations. The bar was set, and they were ready to aim high. 

Unique Challenge

From apathy to empowerment. In the past, employees looked at anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training as something they needed to get done. But the City wanted it to be more than just a checkbox. Instead of basic knowledge, they wanted to provide every employee with the skills for interrupting, reporting, and repairing harm. As an organization that must be accountable to its community, The City decided it was time to take its training to new heights to ensure they were more effective and centered on racial equity.  

Bespoke Solution

No more eye-rolling. Seattle’s HR leaders partnered with Unify’s consultants to develop bespoke, interactive training that gets to the heart of what matters – relationships. Together, they worked hard to create impactful training with a strong running start and an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination landing. Instead of rolling their eyes, City employees now roll up their sleeves to prevent and intervene when they witness discrimination or harassment.  

Proven Impact

A safer and more equitable future. The City of Seattle is not only raising the bar for its 10,000+ employees but for the 762,500+ people who live across Seattle. The new training is a model for other companies, cities, and local governments striving for equity and inclusion. The new skills are accelerating real change for their employees and creating a safer and more equitable future for everyone. And that’s got everyone jumping for joy. 

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