Forging a New Normal

Fortune 375 Gaming Firm Returns to Office (RTO) and Begins the Transition to Future of Work (FOW)​

Client Objective

Opening offices around the world in 30-60 days! The SVP of Workplace and SVP of HR believed all 50+ offices around the globe could be opened in a matter of weeks during the transition from COVID pandemic to endemic status. 

Unique Challenge

Big ideas. Little detail. The gaming leaders had a high-level approach to RTO and FOW yet no detailed strategy or execution plan. Their disparate audiences and business units weren’t coordinating around a centralized course of action. Without that, the clients couldn’t revitalize their post-COVID business model.

Bespoke Solution

Unify’s team cleared the path. We designed a set of protocols tied to a risk matrix informed by CDC-defined metrics, as well as a site-leader engagement plan. Our consultants, in partnership with Workplace, Benefits and Legal executives, co-led the effort to customize RTO execution and obtain C-level approvals and feedback at top speed. 

Proven Impact

All 50+ offices opened on time. The leaders are equipped with crisply defined protocols and mandates. With solid ground underfoot, they have taken their next leap, thinking big and proactively defining “new ways of working” for the future.


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