Forecasting a bright and clear worldview

Data analysis and viz deliver speedy reporting.

Client Objective

A vision for the future. A global foundation wanted to harness data and situational intel to show how they would reach their development goals. With dreams of making a huge world impact, they worked with partners to collect data and forecast potential future scenarios, using these forecasts to inform their projects.  

Unique Challenge

Cold data with a hot summer deadline.  Each year, the report team relied on getting new forecasts to inform a flagship publication, due to come out in September. During 2020, a report about the state of the world couldn’t ignore the effects of Covid, but the data used to build the forecasts was only compiled through the end of 2019. A publication without newer data wouldn’t serve the purpose of the publication. The team had to meet a strict mid-August deadline for submitting the final report, but collecting new data would take time. They needed a way to shorten the time from receiving the forecasts to locking the final report content. 

Bespoke Solution

Predicting faster, more accurate data. Unify’s Data Analysis and Visualization team partnered with the foundation’s Data Science Services team to create a solution that prioritized speed and accuracy. The Unify team built a pipeline that performed automated data profiling checks and generated files for sharing with internal and external audiences. Suddenly, the data skies began to clear. They even built a web app so that teams from across the foundation could engage with the latest data independently.  

Proven Impact

Sunny delivery times with speed. The time from receiving data to sharing was reduced from several days to just several hours! Instead of waiting for all forecasts to be done for every domain, the team could now accept piecemeal inputs from their partner, allowing reviews to be distributed over a few days. The internal web app surfaced relevant data and eliminated the creation of 10+ individual review presentations. Finally, the team could see the light and share news about their global initiatives. 

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