Faster to flawless

(Time) Machine Learning.

Client Objective

All eyes on the prize. In 2018, a CEO aimed to make his on-demand service best in class, so he could inspire investors to believe in his vision and go public within 12 months.

Unique Challenge

Too much to fix in too little time. His enterprise had a major vulnerability—his tech security team struggled to keep up with its revolving door of contractors with access to 200+ systems and applications. Estimates showed manually tracing and repairing everything for airtight security would take a whopping eight years.   

Bespoke Solution

Making the most of the machine. His CISO partnered with Unify’s technology enablement consultants who, after developing a daring proof of concept, built a bespoke machine learning tool to accelerate repairs. The Unify team delivered the final product in 10 months, solving security issues across the board and ahead of schedule. 

Proven Impact

Scaling in step forever. Within the year, the CEO gained the confidence of his board and was able to successfully take the enterprise IPO public with Unify’s playbook. Best of all, his enterprise uses the machine learning architecture to this day, scaling in step with the astronomical demand for their services in the post-pandemic world. 

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