Driving data integration 

Speeding towards efficiency with Snowflake.

Client Objective

Timing laps takes time. A leading food service and delivery company wanted to be more data-driven in its decision-making. They had a vision of a Snowflake data warehouse that could integrate siloed data, serve up reporting and analytics at scale and drive growth and revenue faster than a Ferrari. 

Unique Challenge

Data dumps make for speed bumps. Even though the team had moved their data to a Snowflake data warehouse, everything didn’t improve on its own. The data was still in bad shape. Red flags included: siloes, conflicting versions, and error-filled data. The client team was overwhelmed. It was like a never-ending pit stop of extracting, loading, and integrating data they knew wouldn’t get them far.  

Bespoke Solution

An open lane and a full tank. Unify’s data engineering team transformed the data across team functions. They automated extraction and loading to improve the efficiency of the data pipelines. Now there was one single source of truth for Marketing for Web Traffic, App Usage, and Orders. They no longer felt like they were in the third heat. They steered each other toward better data integration, accuracy, efficiency, and analytics and insights across departments. 

Proven Impact 

Harnessing the horsepower. Revenue operations were revved up for visibility and accelerated access to accounting data, increasing their efficiency of quarterly close. Marketing and growth teams could target the right offer to the right customer at the right time, experimenting with how to increase marketing lift while reducing reputational risk. Lap after lap, the client teams apply their curated data, better customer insights, and visualization tools to bring their advanced analytics to the front of the pack. 


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