Unique Challenge

A high performance athletic shoe and apparel retailer needed to become more data-driven in its decision-making to achieve key business goals. The legacy Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) lacked stability, reliability, and scalability​, and poor data quality led to high support costs and a lack of trust. Employees were creating time-consuming manual processes to obtain basic analytics. The organization lacked understanding of their supply chain and distribution needs, leading to inefficiency and waste.

Bespoke Approach

Unify partnered with the organization to deliver on the data and analytics roadmap by establishing an enterprise data and analytics platform based on cloud technologies. The team provided a scalable and reliable data platform for both operational and analytical reporting workloads and integrated internal and external data. Unify created a C-level, real-time dashboard using Tableau for monitoring the business.  A full suite of reporting capabilities addressed supply chain, marketing, sales, order-to-cash, fulfillment, and customer service analytic needs. The team developed change management and training tools to enhance adoption.

Proven Impact 

The new data platform has become the business’s trusted source of truth. Previously, data was 12-24 hours old, and now users have access to fresh data within seconds. The improved data sources are enabling new ways to manage the business, serve customers, and quickly evaluate supply chain needs. Change management processes are supporting user adoption of the new capabilities. The Tableau dashboard became critical to the organization’s successful Covid-19 crisis response strategy. Data feeds from lab sensors were used to inform intelligent product design, enabling a competitive market advantage and improving overall profitability.