Creating a collaboration masterpiece

A vivid change management program that drives visibility.

Client Objective 

An inspired user experience. Multiple teams at a global tech network (including Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, and Construction) came together with a goal: to build aunified change management program. They dreamt of an exceptional user journey that ensured teams across the network could easily evaluate technology, application, and space options. The program would also give teams an easy path to approvals and a way to track workflow.   

Unique Challenge  

A palette needing a modern touch. The current experience was not user-friendly because the connected technology had grown organically. With multiple teamsco-creating and managing in parallel, the inability to integrate vitalinformation​ was frustrating and communication was a constant challenge. Teams requested tools without being aware of whatalready existed, which yielded duplicate investments. It was a drab mix of lost time, energy, and funding.  

Bespoke Solution 

Blending ease with innovation. The Unify team worked collaboratively with the client to understand the current state, map out the future state, and deliver on the client’s vision. Together, they built a unified change management program. Unify provided a set of tailored technologies to empower the teams to collaborate with ease. The new system streamlined tools, space, and other requests—making it simple for teams to evaluate existing options, as well as track approvals and progress. Everything came together like a work of art.  

Proven Impact 

A focused composition. The program continues to integrate with other applications and systemsso as it scales, processes continue to flow smoothly. Now teammates have more visibility into workflow, which positions them to bettermanage customer and stakeholder expectations. Building on the success, and ready to curate even stronger decision-making, the Unifiers are creating additional features to make what is already working display even bolder strokes. 

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