Building data engineer excellence

Driving competency and cost savings.


Client Objective

In it, to win it. The Data Analytics and Insights (DA&I) team of a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas and Utilities company wanted to enhance their Data Engineer competency to drive operational efficiency and streamline the onboarding process. They envisioned a smooth utilization of Foundry, a data integration and analysis platform, but that meant facilitating the integration of many shiny new Data Engineers. 

Unique Challenge

Driving data excellence with no car. Currently, the team lacked competent Data Engineers which created roadblocks in maximizing the potential of the Foundry Platform. They couldn’t effectively onboard the significant influx of new data engineers they needed to run the program. Resolving this challenge was critical to ensure seamless operations, optimize performance, and meet the growing demands of the client.  

Bespoke Solution

Turbocharging potential. The Unify team worked with the client’s DA&I team to design and develop a comprehensive Data Engineer Skills (DES) Program that leveraged third-party training materials while creating customized on-the-job training and mentorship components. To make sure the team was kicking with gas, they created accurate progress monitoring and reporting. The Unifiers also implemented course code tracking within the client’s learning management system (LMS) to accelerate success.  

Proven Impact

Shifting gears with new efficiency. The client was revved up and ready to save time and power up resources. Now they could enhance the skills of existing Data Engineers and streamline future onboarding processes with high-octane efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The team also could generate comprehensive reports through the client’s LMS for improved visibility and analytics to take on the road ahead.  

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