Breaking blogs and the mold

Turning blogs into customer engagement powerhouses.

Client Objective

Engage and inspire. A director within a product division of a Fortune 500 tech company was launching new innovative product features and needed a digital story-telling format that was just as innovative.

Unique Challenge

Not enough wow. The director experimented with a blog he hoped could cut through the noise of every other corporate blog, yet it fell short. He needed a bold new way to present product features that would inspire potential consumers to take notice and admitted to himself the blog path wasn’t disruptive enough.

Bespoke Solution

Out-of-the-blogs thinking. Unify’s marketing consultants presented a modern way of leaping beyond the too-familiar blog format to grab customers’ attention and tell better product stories. They presented a visual idea—combining man-on-the-street videos, playful gifs, and narration—to bring product features to life.

Proven Impact

All eyes on fun. After the refreshed digital experience launched, it received 82% of the views in less than a month that the director’s previous post took four months to earn. With better visibility and an energized monthly cadence, the traffic is poised to continue growing exponentially, positioning each new product feature to engage and convert eager consumers.


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