AI breaks open breaking news

Uncovering insights and revenue en masse.

Client Objective

From archive to action. A client at a global tech giant had a bold idea to create a groundbreaking platform that allowed journalists to instantly identify connections, and relationships between content. By merging research, archival, and collaboration functions from thousands of sources in seconds, news providers could accelerate their insights and connect the world in seconds, not days.

Unique Challenge

Breaking news was broken. The amount of source data was too massive, unstructured, and disparate for any human to decipher let alone convert into useable intel. The information overwhelm hindered collaboration between journalists, making news investigation slower, and prevented vital information from entering the global discourse.

Bespoke Solution

AI wins top story. With a keen eye on the ultimate user needs, Unify’s solution architects and technical consultants designed, custom-built, and implemented the Content Insights Discovery and Accelerator (CIDA or “IDA” for short), an AI “document classification and interpretation engine.” CIDA enabled journalists to review, search, and gain insights to better report crucial information at top speed. Working with any file type, whether print, video, or audio—CIDA automated real-time transcription and translation. The global news solution was born.

Proven Impact

Big revenue and beyond. Intuitive, flexible, and easy to scale—the revolutionary CIDA quickly made headlines. The solution continues to scale beyond journalism and has expanded globally to more than 21 leading organizations putting its power to use. To top it off, with CIDA’s multi-faceted benefits, it has generated $50 million in revenue for the client. Now that’s big news.

A little nostalgia goes a long way. Happy Anniversary, CIDA. Our CIDA story began five years ago. We are proud to celebrate our contribution to developing the first AI tool for journalists and publishers, paving the way toward sorting, stitching, and sharing the truth for all. Learn more about IDA and how you can harness the power of AI, visit:


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