A fellowship of the minds

Integrating intellect before systems.

Client Objective

One system to rule them all. The VP of a major advertising group wanted an integrated system to facilitate large, complex, and lucrative ad buys, allow micro-targeting across diverse media, and streamline loads of other enterprise functionality.

Unique Challenge.

Lots of data in too many places. The reality was four separate databases needed to merge into one. Despite the group’s technical wisdom, this hurdle proved beyond their capabilities. Without the integration, the VP faced urgent phone calls nonstop, a high bug count, and wary technical experts who had to be online 24/7. On top of all that, onboarding often took more than six months. Trust was eroding.

Bespoke Solution

An epic educational adventure. One of Unify’s Lean & Agile consultants diagnosed that the remedy would need to be technical second and educational first. The consultant organized training sessions tailored to their database integration. Team members said they found the sessions so valuable they recommended the sessions to friends. Soon 100 teammates joined each session at a time, rated trainings 4.9/5 stars, and referenced the training video afterward. The training accelerated their work, untangling the tricky integration.

Proven Impact

From complexity to comprehension to confidence. The tailored training unleashed collaboration across the humans behind the tech and they saw value immediately. Urgent phone calls nearly stopped. Bug count was cut in half. Onboarding time was reduced by two-thirds. Best of all, the teammates had the confidence and know-how to overcome longstanding problems. And of course, now that the marketing analysts had integrated their mental systems as much as their technical ones, they’re targeting demographics and driving revenue like never before.


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