A Coaching Clinic for the Win

How tech experts became relationship mavens overnight

Client Objective

All-around champs. A tech giant wanted to develop their relationship managers, so they could deepen connections with customers. These managers were meant to be the experts whom high-stakes customers could trust and confide in.

Unique challenge

Off balance on the beam. Despite the organization’s having plenty of resources, the main hurdle was that these managers didn’t have backgrounds in relationship management—they were experts in tech. They needed coaching to better engage top-tier clients (C-suite execs) to build deep advisory relationships. Without those skills, the managers would continue tripping, costing the company.

Bespoke solution

Comfortable coaching. The tech client approached Unify for a solution. Our consultants designed the Coaching Clinic, an individualized pilot program that created a safe, intimate environment to develop the relationship-building skills managers needed most as fast as possible. They put the skills they acquired into practice immediately. Coaches then followed up with the managers to ensure the recommended tactics worked and if not, implemented real-time adjustments. The pilot participants graduated from each session with tactical, digestible and actionable advice, saying there were able to garner buy-in in a way they couldn’t before.

Proven impact

Sticking the landing.  The Coaching Clinic was so well received, with each manager reaching their full potential, that the client went bigger. They expanded the clinic solution from 100 relationship managers to 1,200 internationally, engaging top-tier customers across the globe.

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