A boundless world

The Gaming Artist Portal

Client Objective

Better experiences for all. A gaming company was trying to both develop tools for its artists to more efficiently design games and a better user experience for the customers shopping for games.

Unique Challenge

Ad hoc and inefficient. The internal artists were spending a large amount of time working with spreadsheets and technical tools, which took them further away from the creative work they loved. Not only were the artists frustrated, they also risked not meeting customer expectations.

Bespoke Solution

Making up lost time.  Working closely with the artists, the Unify team quickly uncovered what mattered to the artist teams, so they could regain lost time. In a matter of months, with full-stack development, Unify co-created a web portal with a suite of tools to propel the artists’ productivity forward, and simultaneously released the first version of the company’s public online product catalog.

Proven Impact

Limitless potential. Now the gaming artists work more quickly on the highest-value creative work within a portal that will expand as they need to scale. Gamers can continue to discover their next favorite game and enjoy a boundless, compelling world.


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