Technology Enablement


We modernize digital platforms and unlock potential.  


Unify’s Technology Enablement services help companies compete in an increasingly technology-focused business landscape. We work with our clients to find the most powerful and sustainable digital solutions that meet the long-term business goals unique to the organization. We focus on integration—making an organization’s data available to its most important applications.

Our Practices

Solutions Architecture & Development

Building a partnership with your business to create sensible software solutions to solve your unique problems.


Improving our client’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.


We harness the power of the Salesforce platform to ensure that your journey to the cloud is fast, easy, and safe.

Quality Engineering

Monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality throughout the development process.



Our broad technological expertise enables us to deliver solutions to our clients in a wide variety of IT projects, scalable to any implementation size or level of complexity.


Understand business goals and define key performance indicators

Gather business and compliance requirements


Define solution architecture and custom integrations

Assemble teams of qualified experts that fit project objectives

Develop & Test

Implement using best-practice methodologies and technology

Test and iterate during the development process

Integrate with services and data sources


Monitor and maintain production code

Analyze and improve

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