Energy & Utilities


Electric, Gas and Water utilities play a vital role in economic and social development. Unify’s seasoned consultants will help improve operations and drive efficiency with innovation and impact.

Electric Utilities

We support your investments from infrastructure to your future state business operating model.  We’ll partner with you to help deliver your safe, reliable, and clean efficient energy solutions.   

Gas Utilities

With an ever-increasing demand on Natural Gas, our consultants can help you modernize your asset systems, data strategies and the customer experience.   

Water Utilities

The water industry is moving exponentially fast to a modernized infrastructure.  Our water consulting services can help support your meter to cash optimization including back-office maturity capabilities. 

What do we do as Utilities Consultants?

Meter to Cash 

Unify’s consultants have deep expertise in delivering meter to cash system implementations, organizational change and training related activities.  Our team can guide you through the entire journey from pre-planning to post go-live support and stabilization. 

Focus on Customer Centricity  

We provide industry best practices on the customer experience, define a strategy and build solutions that drive self-service transactions while improving your “get down to zero” call volume. 

Enterprise Data Driven Strategies 

Utilities are using data to enhance the decision making process to reduce risk, increase safety and maximize performance.  We can define your enterprise data strategy, use data science to surface at a business level your complex requirements and implement analytics solutions.   

Develop a Cybersecurity Culture 

Utilities are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks.  We can engineer behavior tools to support NERC CIP content awareness and training and support behavior changes to become highly perceptive of cyber security threats through education and organizational enablement. 

Transforming into a Digital Utility 

Moving infrastructure to cloud, implementing digital related policies and creating an operating model to support a digitized workforce requires time and a change of culture. 

Momentum of Distributed Energy Resources 

Distributed Energy Resources combined with FERC 2222 is allowing for new investments and market offerings for utilities.  Battery, Car chargers, Solar, green energy partnerships are evolving quickly and our team will support the marketing, entry, productization and success of your smart grid. 

Implementing your ERP – correctly 

We provide both industry and consulting experience from being end users of ERP systems to implementing complex, regulated ERP systems.  Whether SAP or Oracle, our experts can partner with your teams to provide the guidance and execution for a successful implementation.