Data-Driven Insight

Financial Insights

Unify’s Finance Insights capability rests on three main pillars: financial controls & performance reporting, financial strategy & data analytics, and business advisory & data driven decision making.  We offer advanced financial analytics with insights delivered through data visualization leading to better business decisions.  We move from a tactical approach grounded in historical trending to more focused performance indicators.  We leverage data analytics, data visualization and data science combined with financial acumen to inform financial strategy.  We arrive at an integrated state where finance analytics is serving as a business advisory function driving decisions & actions that optimize the business and best serve its customers.


Financial Controls & Performance Reporting

  • Operational Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Forecasting


Financial Strategy & Data Analytics 

  • Operational Analytics
  • Strategic Analytics
  • Financial Analytics


Business Advisory & Data Driven Decision Making

  • Finance Hypothesis and Analysis 
  • Exception-based Data Models, Tables, and Dashboards
  • Finance Data Science and Forecasting
  • Finance Data Visualization