Customer Experience

Customer Success Management

Unify helps you build a customer success management foundation to increase customer adoption and usage of your product and services, driving retention and mitigating churn. We apply proven methodologies to improving customer lifetime value for subscription-based businesses through end-to-end experience design across products, sales, marketing, and service disciplines.


Organization Management

  • Customer Success Operations Support
  • Customer Success Roles and Responsibility Development
  • Compensation and Incentive Development
  • Organization Design and Change Management
  • Account Management Analysis
  • Account Segmentation and Job Function Development


Customer Experience and Retention Program Design

  • Churn and Revenue Forecast Program
  • Escalation Management Frameworks
  • Journey Mapping
  • Post-sale Playbooks
  • Revenue Expansion Methodologies
  • High/med/low-touch Strategy
  • Local User Development and Deployment
  • Software Selection and Maturation
  • Business Review Design


Customer Success Analysis

  • Churn Prediction
  • Revenue Focus Area Analysis
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Red Flag and Signal to Action Creation
  • Health Scoring