Lean & Agile

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Lean & Agile

Transformation is hard. It’s exhausting, political, and with pressure to produce overnight. You probably already know it’s ultimately worth it, and that the right kind of support can make all the difference. Unify’s agile leaders are respectfully disruptive, passionate about pragmatic innovation, and obsessed with delivering successful outcomes to our clients.


Transformation is about real goals, like improving execution, time-to-market, and quality or changing IT’s partnership with their business stakeholders. We start with you, by seamlessly integrating within your organization to identify systemic impediments and anti-patterns. We teach the right practices, at the right time, and to achieve the greatest impact. Also, by providing coaching and mentoring to key individuals in your organization, we garner the support needed for continuous improvement. This partnership is intrinsic to achieving true agility that is sustainable. It’s our belief that if we aren’t enabling agility 5 years from now, we aren’t doing it right.


We bring a big toolbox of techniques from multiple frameworks and disciplines, and have the hard-earned wisdom to customize your experience. We are optimistic experts without arrogance because what matters is you, not us.​ If you’re tired of canned approaches, and recycled ideas, but want real-world insights tailored for your organization, let’s talk.


Maturity Assessment

  • Product Delivery Goal Setting
  • Product Management and Delivery Maturity Assessment
  • Organizational Change Readiness Assessment



  • Transformation Goals and Actions Plans
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Product Development Initiative Pilots
  • Product Portfolio Transformation Scaling


Product Management

  • Story Mapping and Minimum Viable Product (MVPs)
  • Portfolio and Product Backlog Management
  • Features and User Stories Definition
  • Data-driven Workflow Control and Quality Measurement
  • Continuous Improvement


Key Solutions

  • Digital Product Owner Maturity Assessment and Role-based Training
  • Portfolio Management
  • Value Stream Improvement
  • Problem solving and Kaizen frameworks