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Lean & Agile

Unify’s Lean & Agile capability provides consulting in the art and science of Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban as well as Lean process improvement and problem solving techniques. While we study and practice the science behind Lean & Agile, we understand that the art is in the implementation. Unify therefore caters our solution to your unique environment and needs. We collaborate to identify measures of success that matter to your organization and provide a clear road map for improving time to value, delivery quality and team member satisfaction and engagement.


With our Lean & Agile capability offerings, we can help you deliver continuous value to your stakeholders. Unify sets you up for future success with robust backlogs, team and org design, change management support, improved team velocity, detailed release planning, Agile team role-based training, and Lean problem solving workshops. Our consultants can serve your organization by modeling behaviors as scrum masters and product owners or provide coaching and training to meet your specific needs.


Maturity Assessment

  • Product Delivery Goal Setting
  • Product Management and Delivery Maturity Assessment
  • Organizational Change Readiness Assessment



  • Transformation Goals and Actions Plans
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Product Development Initiative Pilots
  • Product Portfolio Transformation Scaling


Product Management

  • Story Mapping and Minimum Viable Product (MVPs)
  • Portfolio and Product Backlog Management
  • Features and User Stories Definition
  • Data-driven Workflow Control and Quality Measurement
  • Continuous Improvement


Key Solutions

  • Digital Product Owner Maturity Assessment and Role-based Training
  • Portfolio Management
  • Value Stream Improvement
  • Problem solving and Kaizen frameworks