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Jim Walch



Jim Walch, MBA, is a Senior Consultant in the Seattle area. Jim’s entire technical career has been focused on helping large enterprises manage, and extract value, from their data assets. He has applied his knowledge and skills in industries such as financial services, utilities, global technology providers, and healthcare. This included IBM Consulting Services and a 20+ year career at Microsoft in a variety of technical leadership roles. At Unify, Jim is working with healthcare organizations in modernizing their infrastructure to leverage cloud computing, big data technologies and platforms, and global development. He is especially focused on identifying and creating opportunities between the tech industry and HCLS industry to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.


Selected Experience


Architect and Technical Advisor for the creation of an Azure-based Healthcare Data Platform (HDP) supporting a wide range of healthcare information workloads including operational reporting, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science. The architecture enables ingestion from structured data sources (i.e. Epic EMR) as well as imaging, genomics, semi-structured web data, and devices. The HDP uses a unique “zone concept” to create adaptable compute/store areas enabling both IS professionals and allied analytics groups to collaborate with shared access to data and common tools. HDP leverages Azure Data Lake (Gen 2), Attunity, Databricks, Snowflake, Power BI, Tableau, Informatica, and Azure Machine Learning Services

Engaged across multiple for-profit healthcare companies to create a cohesive approach to accessing and leveraging data, considering unique requirements such as de-identification, conformance to industry-standard ontologies, and designing with commercial considerations for low-cost and high reliability.


Favorite Quote


“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur