Why Invest in Compliance Certainty?

Documenting compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards is one of the most challenging duties within the energy sector today. As cyber attackers continue to hone their skills and aim at energy infrastructure, CIP standards continue to evolve to provide adequate protections to ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed.

Every entity faces evolving standards and the strict enforcement of requirements. For that reason, adherence to the requirements is the only way to ensure equipment and systems are adequately protected to demonstrate compliance and reduce risk. Industry experts frequently observe how compliance evidence is stored ad hoc, locally and piecemeal (such as in spreadsheets), making it incredibly difficult to track and ensure evidence is consistently collected within the timeframes set in the reliability standards.

If faced with this dilemma, fear not, there are comprehensive solutions available to ease this burden. Evidence management systems provide a more durable framework for the scheduling and collection of evidence thereby eliminating the reliance on irregular tracking methods. These systems can be managed on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide entities options for evidence management. Once established, integration across an organization is critical, starting with preparing for the arrival of the system with a detailed plan.

A preparedness plan should include deciding whether the solution will be managed within the organization or outsourced (resource plan) and include change management with a training roadmap to ensure milestones are identified and met timely. In absence of a plan, poor implementation and engagement are likely to occur leading to continued problems with evidence collection.

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