Salesforce Einstein Analytics Implementation



Modern business users require more insight to build their business and retain customers. Salesforce Einstein Analytics coupled with Unify’s analytics expertise provides action-oriented data insights while applying change management principles to drive their adoption.


The Opportunity


Enabling companies to realize adoption of analytics not merely as a thought exercise but as a business enabler.  The insights and related actions provided by the Einstein Analytics application will drive better customer experiences and brand loyalty.


The Solution


Transform organizations by first assessing the current domain data & systems of their environment and selecting a business unit for prioritization.  Then develop a proof-of-concept solution that can be used as a model for related business units.  In parallel with the build of the full solution, create a change management and adoption strategy to ensure that the application has lasting value.  Finally, implement a cadence of key performance indicator checks, to continuously improve their solution and enable it to support business growth & response to change.